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Letter to "my" beloved Symphony Nova Scotia

After a power out had forced us to cancel our concert, about to be walking on stage.

Dear Bernhard,

dear Symphony Nova Scotia,

dear All,

Sitting at the airport in Philadelphia I'm still trying to process the fact that we did not get to play the concert. It left a weird feeling behind, like something is just not right. I have enjoyed working with you all so much and do hope that we get a second chance. The very moment I arrived in Halifax I have immediately felt welcome and having these delicious treats await me at the hotel room I could tell that I am dealing with a very special kind of warmhearted spirit here. It's like one big family and I was a part of it right from the start.

Thank you, Bernhard, for inviting me to Halifax. Thank you for being such an inspiring musician, bonhomous and supportive person. I could not think of a better partner to make music with and create something meaningful and special.

Thank you, Jeremy, for always being there and arranging everything flawlessly, making the stay in Halifax as easy as possible for me. You're awesome!

Thank you, Anita and Yi, for welcoming me into your home and being the best host ever, for turning the disaster into a memorable evening nonetheless, a get together full of laughter and joy, a three star meal and inspiring talks. What a lovely family you have. And thanks for letting Mark and me go all chef and sou-chef in your kitchen, it was great fun. Shimon was right when he stated that if in fact I was to come back I'd be coming back to play with friends!

Isabelle, Anita and Yi, Mark, Shimon and Peggy, Bernhard, MJ and ALL the others: I miss you guys already! You are all amazing!

Hugs, until next time


P.S.: Dear sunshine (a.k.a. Isabelle), please don't ever let anybody take that beautiful and infectious smile away from you!

Brian! Beautiful solo, I am looking forward to doing it again with you!

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