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On facebook, some day in the past

On the movie "The Mask You Live In"

Quick excursion out my safe and quiet keeping-to-the-sidelines-of-facebook-Dasein.

Stumbled upon this just now and also, just the other day I was surprised by a simple yet powerful statement by a dear new friend, you know who you are, thank you for that. "EQ is more important than IQ." But how can people develop this quality, be connected with their emotional intelligence and be empowered by it, if all men/boys (in fact women/girls do, too, just the other way around) ever hear is "don't be a sissy", "only the strong survive", "just get over it", "man up", ... How great exactly is it to just cut off a vital, existential part of your being? Feelings mean guidance. Feelings make you human, make you whole. Well... Is it safe to say it's all relative though of course? Would you rather wear a mask or be yourself? Is it easier with a mask? Nicer even? Is the mask your self?

Too tired for more coherent evaluation. Night, folks.

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